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The season is plowing along, literally, in some parts of the world.  As the days get shorter (here in the Northern Hemisphere)  we get busy, and we start to think of virtual things as we settle in for the season.  In our world, creating and socializing , the days just fly by! There is hardly time to breathe, or order gifts, bake, decorate or whatever you do in the season.


So during this hectic season we decided to bring some Zen, some peace and some beauty. Nestled in the eastern part of Bountiful Continent is the region of Mishio, proudly created and managed by our beautiful Nami Kyoto. She even has her face on the region logo.



There is a sweet little village of houses (some you can take copies of) and other items.  As with all of our continent, rustic roads and bridges remind us that water is never far away.



Continent parcels are free to our residents. Become part of the project and build your dream in 3D on Mishio. Prim limits are an amazing 5,000 prim and are free.

Prim limits for the parcels are on the mailboxes.  Note that all can have a parcel here, but the prim limit for Neverworld residents is double of what it is for hypergridders.

So come to Neverworld to live, its definitely a friendly, free place. 

What are you waiting for?

 one step away from living here.




Come in, take your coat off , have a spot of tea, leave your worries behind and join us.

 Neverworld Grid is all about creativity and fun and the right to create, hang out or explore without having any big requirements.
 As Neverworld is vast with many places to explore, we thought it may be good to show you are few pointers as a new resident in our world.
 Upon landing you will be in our very cozy, and tropical welcome sim which is surrounded by huts filled with goodies, landmarks and information.
 You will see, in the landing area, a billboard sign "Travel Neverworld". Click on this to have a menu of popular places brought up. Most people like to fill their inventories, so click o n All Free Shop and you will be teleported to the most popular shopping centers in the metaverse.
quick start guide

 All Free Shopping is a very big outdoor mall, with dozens of buildings you may do well to click on the teleport pad to show you the different areas.




New clothes? New hair? Buildings? Vehicles? Accessories? New avatar? Clickie on the pad and takes you to the store. Our stores are very well organized and easy to pack your shopping bag with plenty of freebies.


Shopping not your cup of tea but you would like to take a drive, or explore? On the Welcome region find a large interactive map of our Bountiful Continent The map shows you the regions and click on any to be teleported directly there. Silverbell starts your adventure on our continent.


Looking for a parcel? Look for these rural mailboxes, they are self serve... Click on the mailbox to claim the parcel. The parcel goes in your name so you can change the name of the parcel, and the 5000 prim limit means you never have to stress about having it all. Please read the notecard you receive, some areas are themed and require you stay loosely in the theme. We do ask you build something within three days on ground level, sky level is okay above 800 meters. No ban lines please.




As you wander our lands, you will come across many other places to explore Due to the huge size of our grid, your exploring may takes days, weeks or years. And we are fine with that:}


Happy you are here -- Neverworld, Builders of Dreams.


get an avatar


use our marketplace


get free metaverse land


purchase private land


self host a Neverworld Region for free on your PC



We are back to a schedule of events. Today at 2pm SLT please join us "Unda Da Sea" in Aqua Abyss for Gatecrashers. Featuring SJ Star.
Come in fins or regular duds. abyss . See you then!