Saturday, 13 July 2024

Are you a live performer, host or DJ looking for a stable home in the metaverse?  Neverworld is your new forever home with almost nine years of drama free living.  

Emerald Shores is a themed residential region for our entertainment staff.  Beautiful large parcels are yours here and they are "plug and play".  There are house rezzers on most of the parcels, so you can just find a house you love and furnish it.   

If you are new the grid, we have a whole street of pratical shops for the new entertainer including: a store for DJ supplies, quick change avatars and clothing and other essential items. This large 5x5 sim also includes a music venue for practicing.

You must have a local account and you must be in the events group to live here.  Not signed up yet for events? Talk to our events managers to fit you into our schedule.  Music lives!