Monday, 17 June 2024

Public Use Parcels

Public Use  Parcels 

Like what you see? Click the image!

 Then Click on the  button while you have your Firestorm viewer active and you will be offered a teleport to the region.   

Please note, the landing is just a representative of the region.

Feel free to fly around to find an available sign which you can delete.

Click on a mailbox to rent.   

A few basics:  You have to release the mailbox and re-rent if you want to renew your lease. Leases are good for 30 days. 

No terraforming allowed, to retain the continent terrain.  No ban lines at all

You are permitted to restrict voice and anyone looking in under land settings.

Ban lines or un-checking "allow public access" is not allowed.  Our rules retain the feel of a real neighborhood. 

Please note, anyone can rent but non-native residents cannot set home due to the opensim set up. 

For all public rental questions, please contact our rental manager, Joshua 7 inworld or hop on the Forums!