Saturday, 13 July 2024

Fatih Teardrop is the owner of the BT Ultra Music Stream Radio. Listen here

What I do:  Welcome to our BTULTRAMUSICLUB live broadcast channel on the virtual world We are an international entertainment group that brings you the best music from different genres in a virtual environment full of fun and entertainment. Our live shows are truly unique and provide a live music experience.


It has introduced its own concept, which has been featured on many game platforms since 2021, to the entire game world.


Intelligent concept sensitive to the sense of music The excitement of the atmosphere that will blow your mind will blow you away...

People's souls will never be in their chair.

At some points of the concept the focus is hidden, you will never see them with a normal head please do not drink alcohol


hop:// Breezes/167/462/22


Genres:   varied