Saturday, 13 July 2024

In Neverworld we strive to build with a purpose and we do love a challenge. We had been thinking or tossing around the idea of buiilding something very ancient and we loved the idea of recreating Solomon's Temple   (First Temple). 

So, we set about doing research. The temple measurements were laid out in the bible.   The recreation of the temple is as best as can to fit the measurements. Since we have no photographs or other depictions, alot has to be derived from what we read, and what we know about the time period, circa  520 BCE. 

Haggai-2-Solomon_Temple-Balage-Balogh-1000px (1)


Many depictions of the temple were similar to this illustration by casual english bible.

So, we started with the Temple itself and built out from there.


         To connect our temple to the rest of the continent, we have bridges.               There was not this much vast water, but hey.  It is pretty.









                           Below:  Overview of the sim - it is in fact, a very busy, somewhat crowded and dusty ancient city. 

                                                              Terrain is limestone colored and somewhat hilly.


A typical street in the city.  Notice that there are plaster and stone homes with outside ladder access to the other levels, as well as a stone silo  Foreground you will see clay ovens to the left.



More areas of the city, Not all of the city is paved, poorer areas may have dirt pathways instead of paved roads.








Here is the walled entranceway to the outer temple complex.  A lot of the textures like the wall texture here were custom made for this sim.   A beautiful gold door invites you into the courtyard area .







Below: The inner courtyard of the temple complex.  Here we 

had Hanukah menorah lightings and included anyone who wanted to 

learn about this holiday to come light candles with us and even say the

prayers for the miracle of lights.
















Very solemly now, you enter the temple itself, with a richly appointed antechamber lined with memorahs and gold. Its very sobering and beautiful to walk here.


Entranceway to the Holies of Holies with the Mercy Seat.  


A part of the city that has some buildings that are multi level, and so much more affluent than the area of 

mud and stone single room dwellings. 


A moody sky overlooks the city with copper roofs and the flag of Israel in the breeze.  So if you want to visit, you can hypergrid here to Temple.   

There are a few areas available for more biblical depictions.  If anyone is interested in ancient role play, we are ready to populate this place with live action!