Saturday, 13 July 2024

In Bountiful Continet you will find Palatial, with very secluded large parcels just for our residents.

Included in the parcel rental which is free to our residents is a house rezzer with about a dozen large, villa style homes to choose from.



Most parcels are waterfront or have water access.  Water and roadways are connected to the whole Bountiful Continent, over 60 varreregions big.  Parcels are designed to be private. Although you will have neighbors on the sim, you will have landscaping that separates  any adjoining parcels . Generous prim limts of 5000 enables you to decorate inside and out to your heart's content.  You can even buld boat docks if you like.   Please note, the sim is residental only so please refrain from commerical builds in this sim.


House rezzer is show below, click on your house choice, and then click on the middle photo to rez.  You may move your house after you rez it, or chose another.



And don't forget to click the rent box as shown below to claim your parcel.  You must use the Neverworld Rentals group for rezzing rights, and please note the group and the sim is for Neverworld Residents only.  If you are not a resident, why not create an account  and   join us for your forever home in the metaverse.


Below: Villa style home on a parcel in Palatial Estates