Saturday, 13 July 2024

We have two areas on Cloudburst that have housing for NEVER RIDERS members - They are both  "up the mountain" and both have incredible views.

 Below: Stunning housing on the cliffs of Hawk's Ridge.  

Mistwood is the larger of the two areas, and there are a few available houses.    Click the rent box, you can extend your lease for a few months. Prim limits are very generous and these rentals are high quality houses with nice areas for outdoor gardens. And, of course, each has driveways and garages for your assortment of vehicles you can use on Cloudburst Roads as well as the accompanying sims and the horse ranch at Gantl.


The sim is low lag and very peaceful and most of all it is VERY realistic.    So you will encounter some road hazards during your drive through and maybe even some weather.

 Below: The Village of Mistwood

Rental boxes are behind the gates on the available houses. The housing is for Never Rider group members and to local avatars only, for this region.   If you are not a member, you can sign up here.

HOPS:hop:// Roads/532/285/83   (Mistwood)

         hop://  (Hawks Ridge)