Sunday, 14 April 2024

We are excited to have  you vist our newest Bountiful Continent sim, Cape Cod, on the easternmost part of  Bountiful.

This sim is a 3x3 varreregion and is primarily water, with a few snug harbors, open water and plenty of waterfront.

Cape Cod is mixed use with a recreation of Provincetown, Connecticut and such famous places like the Pilgrim monument.

There is some themed shopping availble in the town, such as a boat shop and Starfish wishes with coastal decor.

The sim was started by Rik Sullivan and mr. smokes stepped up to complete the area, adding all the shops, buildings and details.

As with most of our continent, we offer free housing to all. This may aggravate some grid owners who want to rent land out or only give a tiny plot for free to residents.  Well, we are sorry, but it's our thing.  We don't do greed on the grid, and you are not required to buy something here.

In fact, the parcels are free to both local and hypergridders so, again, to the greedy grids if we provide free housing to your residents.  We ain't changing this. 


Cape Cod is connected to Biscayne Bay and therefore, so are the roads and you can motor through the continent of hundreds of thousands of kilometers of developed land or even take the freeaway across to the west.

Below : a quiet street where you can rent houses for easy living.  Generous prim limits and friendly neighbors :)  2nd picture, our rental mailboxes -- the parcels are quite large about 4800 meters with generous prim limits for hypergridders and even better for locals. Please read the notecard when renting.


(click thumbnails below for full view)



This particular parcel can be hopped right here hop:// Cod/765/326/41 .

Feel free to bring vehicles (watercraft or road).

Some parcels and house rentals are waterfront. Decorate as you like. Bring your family, friends, and pets as all are welcome.