Sunday, 14 April 2024

WHERE: There are 16 parcels in the sim "Global Love". Love
*Pick a parcel in Global Love and buy it for $1 G.
*After buying it you MUST set the land to "Group Only" and YES you MUST create ban lines to prevent others from entering your build in process. YES you heard right, this is the place and time to create ban lines!
PRIM LIMIT: Parcels are about 8400 meters each. Prim limit is 5000.
*Your build is tell a story of love. This can involve teleports, notecards, etc as you walk through the storyline. You may in fact, it is encouraged that you use multi levels in your builds for different scenes in your story. Your theme should include a tradition or story of love from a specific part of the world . You can use it to highlight or educate about traditions that are used in different countries to express love, marriage, platonic or family love.
A build set in Paris, to show the Bridge of Locks, a local tradition of a couple placing a lock on the bridge of locks to "lock in" their feelings. From the bridge, you can teleport to other places of love in the city of Paris, to highlight your storyline of love!
Contest to start 1/2/24. Please contact Govega if you do not have the $1 G to get a parcel. One parcel per person please. Contest to end Feb 9th 2024 with voting to be done that weekend.
The 1st place wins a standard region in their name!
Good LUCK everyone!
NOTE: I am still in the process of parceling and the sim will be ready for people to choose a parcel tomorrow 1/2.