Saturday, 13 July 2024

We love free land... we hate greed... we hate not having a place to set home.

Our motto is "Where Builders Come to Live". How true! 

Below: Public Rez area for anyone who wants to use the water. There are even watercraft that you can use yourself.

Newest hot spot is Luxury Estates in Francos Place. Here we encourage you to build big.  Our parcels are set for mansion sized houses with a generous prim limit of 5000 per parcel. That is enough for your palatial (palace, modern glass house, rustic large hideaway) place with room for furniture, plantings and of course outdoor hardscaping and hot tubs. Come over !  We love neighbors!


Plots are mostly flat with a small amount waterfront. All have additional lush landscaping and the roads are interconnected of course to  our million plus meters of continent roads. 

 Below: A waterfront parcel.  Its 6800 meters and 5000 prim limit so live your dream life here.


What else is here? We have some quality shops, including a hair salon, Grand Furnishings, a pub, bakery and PT designs.

If you don't like what there is here, we have a ton of other shops and malls.