Saturday, 13 July 2024

Public Use Parcels

Do you like the sky to be slightly hazy, the clouds a bit old and the buildings a bit rusty with a touch of steam?  Look no further Steam Sky is your place.  We have very large building parcels and a an interesting and vibrant town center, with all kinds of means of transport hanging about.   You may perhaps fancy a dirigible ride or perhaps visit the famous and muddied Shoe.  If you dont want to build but just immerse, may be suggest the townhouses scattered about?  Please be careful to not get caught in the wires and piping, and pelase enjoy your stay in our Steam Sky.

Be forewarned, you may be inspired to take a balloon ride and wear a very tall hat. Happens around here.


Non Neverworlders get 2500 prims and Neverworlders get 5000. Not a Neverworlder yet? You must be daft!  Register here :


And then, visit inworld! 



 This parcel is 10,000 meters.  I hear they give 100 meters in that place other alternate grid.  We are not that other grid. LOL. 

Description: Islands/Waterfront
Theme: Nautical
Terrain: No terraforming/Flat sandy grass/useable water. Attached to Mariners Bay

Description: Residential
Theme: Tropical Island/Water
Terrain: No terraforming/sand and grass/renter retains land

Description: Residential/Commercial
Theme: Modern/Airport- modern roads
Terrain: No terraforming/dark grass some waterfront


If you love to fly, you will feel at home in this mixed use sim. Live near the runway, fly the continent, or just watch the skybirds pass by.  



Description: Residential
Theme: Hobbit/Elven

Terrain: No terraforming/dark grass some waterfront/cobblestone roadways.


Step into a themed region with pre-loaded hobbit holes as well as open parcels.  Live in the comfort of a cozy home with other like minded avatars, without modern conveniences marring your view.   Click a mailbox to rent your parcel.  Please keep in the theme of the region.