NW Terms of Service (TOS)

By using our OpenSim grid the account holder("Member") agrees to:
Opensim is experimental software, and though there are somewhat stable versions of the software, it is still subject to glitches and outages, and also sometimes involves third-party software. The member realizes that though we will try in every way to preserve data, there is no guarantee that content or data may be lost. We recommend that any creations you have that you want to guarantee retention, that these creations be downloaded to a storage spot of your choosing (like a personal thumb or hard drive).
The member agrees to treat other avatars with respect. Harassment, stalking, or griefing of other members may result in banning.
The member is familiar with the creative commons licensing and will use respect and care when copying other members' creations and will best retain original creation permissions. However, it should also be noted that we are a sharing grid, and share content, so if a member is not interested in sharing their creations the best way to protect them is to have them in a group-only or closed-to public sim.
OARs or IARs can be produced, depending on the frequency of the requests and the size of the files, there may be a fee that will be explained prior to production of these files.
Free sim/parcel rentals- we offer many rental regions for free in our continent and other areas. Terraforming is not allowed. Continent regions are leased with the intention of developing these areas for private and public use. Renting a sim and just putting a prim box there for ownership does not constitute development. A sim used for just a private home is not complemented our continent leasing policy. In addition, sim splitters or boxes are not allowed on the ground level as they ruin the look and feel of the area. Inactive members (no login for 60 days)may result in termination of the property lease.
Paid rentals - we will create your sim as soon as we can and usually as soon as payment is received. We will do our best to put your sim in your requested location. Please note that this is a growing grid, and you may acquire neighbors when you had none before. We will do our best to move your sims if you request this. However, we cannot honor frequent move requests.
We do not allow recruiting of current members to other OpenSim grids. Doing so may result in the member being banned from our grid. In addition, negative posts or comments about NeverWorld grid on social media may result in permanent banning.
From time to time inactive accounts are deleted. Please be aware that deletion will result in your entire inventory being removed. Please keep in mind that failure to log in may result in account deletion.
In addition, gross misconduct may also result in your account being deleted, at the discretion of the management.
We have friendly admins and mentors online. They are here to help, please respect them and cooperate with their requests.