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Down the Rabbit Hole

on Jul 27, 2022

Before the adventure begins, or, rather, at the start, you begin here.  (If this sounds like a riddle, well, it is )

There is a curious open book and I bet what story this page is opened to... so, you look around

It does seem to me that you have interupted a tea cparty in progress. Look around, anyone look familiar? And why is that seat turned upside down? Has someone left in a rush? You look around, you need to know ....

Yes yes you have fallen down the rabbit hole! Thank goodness falling in virtual does not hurt. You need to find your way out. You need to drink you need to eat, you need the key!  And suddenly you look very very small standing atop a very very large table...

What is this place? It looks like Disney World but the colors are all off, and the castle is listing inward.  Cinderella never danced at a ball here. This is somewhere else. Wait, was that just a rabbit running by followed by Alice?

Find your way to the amusements .. and you find yourself with very good instructions at "The Claw" Hang on tight! Look! There are good directions. And a huge glass of beer for after  :). What next?You wander to a creaky soaring bunch of ... green metal...

Look at this web of old metal! Its called the Cyclone! Well, why not? A coaster has to do what a coaster has to do to be noticed. And that lightening crashing all around is certainly a way to be noticed! Hop on! Whoa, this is quite steep. Thank goodness I am not doing this for real. I left my smelling salts at home!

That was really actually fun! A lot of loops and turns and smashing about. Be sure to have your sound up and use mouselook (as the signs suggest).

Please visit this amazingly fun sim. There are donation boxes to help out the region owners to support their next projects on the grid. Many thanks to Stone and Hope Lunasea for providing this fanciful, fully operational fun amusment park in Neverworld.
Please visit Amusement Park in Neverworld!

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